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Mantuan Mostarda


1 kg quince
500 g sugar
13/14 drops of mustard essence per kg

Peel, de-core and finely slice the quince. 
Mix with the sugar and allow to rest for 24 hours. 
Drain the juice, allow it to thicken for a few minutes and then add it to the fruit again. 
After 24 hours, repeat the operation. 
Then after a further 24 hours, boil the juice and fruit slices for a few minutes. 
When the mixture has cooled, add the mustard essence and immediately hermetically seal the jars.  Today, quinces are rather rare and so they can be replaced with Campanine/Renette apples or other apple or pear varieties.  However, the fruit should always be very firm and even slightly unripe.  The mostarda is excellent served as a starter accompanied with Grana Padano or soft cheeses.


Wine pairing: Metodo Charmat sparkling white wine, Alto Mincio, IGT


Chef Monica Campagnari – Ristorante Corte Uccellanda at Castellaro Lagusello


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