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In a nutshell

We are a group of Italian and foreign professionals, comprising qualified linguists and food and wine specialists.

We offer assistance to operators in the gourmet food and wine sectors, as well as to those in the areas of tourism, publishing and the media, in the handling of client communication and reaching the target market, in promoting products and activities in other countries.

We operate at Trade Fairs and Exhibitions and wherever contact needs to be made with foreign markets and an international clientele.

In order to satisfy the appetite of foreigners living in or visiting Italy – also that of Italians – for an increased knowledge of this country via its culinary traditions and an exploration of its wealth of cultural and gourmet riches, we are building a community of those who wish to sample these delights in convivial company – The Italian Gourmet Club.

Lucia Dal Molin, a qualified sommelier with vast experience in the gourmet food and wine sectors, will be your guide along this path of gastronomic exploration. She has worked in multinational companies for over twenty years, putting to good use her linguistic skills and her aptitude for interpersonal relationships.

Lucia arrived in Italy from Zimbabwe at the age of twenty, and from that time the discovery of her new surroundings, the country and its traditions, became a daily quest and formed the basis of her professional portfolio of skills.

Exploring Taste is based in Milan and collaborates with other official bodies which have been working in the food and wine communications sector for a number of years.


Voir un pays ne suffit pas, il faut aussi l'entendre et le goûter, s'en pénétrer par tous les pores de la peau. Le corps est la seule voie d'accès à la connaissance… il n'y a de géographie sans ennui que gourmande.

Michel Onfray (French philosopher)

Exploring Taste - gourmet + linguistic services