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Although based in Milan, Exploring Taste does not limit its activities to the Lombardy Region. 
Travel just a couple of hours in any direction and a treasure trove of delights is just waiting to be discovered...  scenic, ethnic and, of course – gastronomic!


Below is an indication of some of our preferred destinations, all of which are within easy access of Milan. 


1. Lombardy 2. Piedmont 3. Liguria
4. Veneto 5. Emilia Romagna 6. Tuscany

We have mentioned here only the tiniest proportion of all those tastes which are just waiting to be savoured... but we hope that now your mouth is watering and that you will be inspired to delve deeper into your surroundings and to explore both the known and the unique tastes of Italy.

If you would like to try out some Italian regional dishes at home, see our Our recipes page.

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