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The enormous interest from foreigners in all things Italian makes communication a key area for any business – and especially those operating in the food and wine sectors.

Communicating in a manner tailored to suit a particular situation, and the knowledge not only of the specific terminology and its correct translation, but also of the tastes and expectations of foreign target markets, all go to comprise a significant advantage for your company.


Exploring Taste offers translation and interpreting services in English, French and German, as well as giving you the opportunity to contact a large international network of potential clients; in addition, it simplifies the definition of an export strategy for gastronomic products.


Our highly qualified staff will assist you by presenting your range of goods and services to foreign clients in the best possible manner – for example, by preparing promotional materials or translating personalised menus using the correct terminology. Furthermore, Exploring Taste offers professional services in the field of interpreting and translation to institutions at Trade Fairs, and also works with foreign journalists who require information and linguistic support in order to write on gastronomic themes or articles on the wine or tourism industries.


Our services are offered to:


> Operators in the wine sector

> Producers of specialist foods

> Trade Fairs or those organising events in the food and wine sectors

> Publishing companies, advertising and PR agencies/individuals, journalists

> Professional institutions and associations

> Hotels, restaurants and other hospitality-related structures


Our services include:


> For hotel and restaurants: specialised menu translation, language courses teaching correct food and wine terminology

> For food and wine producers: preparation of promotional materials, translation of existing documents, definition of contacts with current and prospective Italian and foreign clients, support for the strategy for the promotion of traditional products abroad, language courses teaching correct food and wine terminology

> For publishers/professional institutions and associations: translation of wine and food guides, recipe books, etc.

> For Trade Fairs: translations, interpretation services for negotiations between Italian producers and foreign buyers

> For the media: intermediary services in the sector as required.


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