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Italian Gourmet Club

The Italian Gourmet Club has been set up especially for those expats and visitors to Italy who wish to experience to the full this country's traditions and the typical food and wines in a given region.
The Club also offers you an original and fun way of meeting like-minded people in a convivial atmosphere.


Amongst the many opportunities on offer are:


> Cookery classes

> On-site visits to producers of typical and traditional foods, guided tours and tastings at wine estates

> Visits to places of cultural or scenic interest, combined with gourmet tours taking in traditional local wine and food festivals

> Introductory courses to Italian food and wine, both in Milan and in the region of interest


Contact us to find out about upcoming events and do let us know of any other area you are interested in exploring - we will be happy to tailor a programme to suit your requirements.


Our tours are run by the Milan-based 'Avior Viaggi' travel agency.  All participants will be covered by insurance in case of accident and for third party liability.


The Italian Gourmet Club Activities:

Cook Italian! Wine tasting
Try a trattoria! Intro course: wine
Tours: far and wide Intro course: food


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