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Mondovì, gem of the Langhe: food and wine, art and nature, and a bit of adventure


Why not spend a weekend in an area renowned for its excellent cuisine, fine wines, art, the chance to shop for refined handmade products and, finally, where you can enjoy a taste of adventure, all wrapped up in a charming natural environment surrounded by the Alps?
Mondovì has two historic city centres linked by a modern funicular, the riches of each bearing witness to the past. On the upper part of the hill, the Borgo di Piazza is characterised by the medieval Piazza Maggiore, which can be reached by following the narrow passageways; you can then move on to admire the many exquisite monuments: the Portici Soprani and the Portici Sottani, the battlemented Palazzo Bressani, the Belvedere with its tower, which is our starting point for an itinerary around the hill, rich in evocative panoramas. The Breo district also has many fine baroque monuments – Mondovì is, in fact, considered to be the Piedmontese capital of the baroque style.
After enjoying all these cultural and scenic treasures, it only remains for us to learn more about the refined local cuisine with its excellent wines by going to eat in a characteristic restaurant; to savour a truly Piedmontese lunch, we can choose from such specialities as the well-known antipasti, Piedmontese-style ravioli in a roast meat sauce, meat braised in Barolo wine, Bagna cauda, Bunet (a cocoa- and amaretti-flavoured dessert), Raschera DOP (a semi-hard, aromatic cheese) and lemon tart… everything "blessed" with Dolcetto delle Langhe Monregalesi DOC, or Barolo wines.
Before leaving Mondovì, why not enjoy a bit of adventure?  Expert pilots will fly you over this lovely territory and its mountains in a hot air balloon – this experience, on top of all the rest, will make for an unforgettable weekend.


At least two days should be allowed for this trip.


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