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Valtellina e Valchiavenna


We will take you to the North, to discover the Valtellina in Lombardy, with its excellent red wines – Inferno, Grumello, Sassella, Sforzesco – which can be paired so well with the local varieties of cheese, such as Valtellina Casera and Bitto.  The Valtellina's culinary repertoire extends to such delicacies as Bresaola, Pizzoccheri, Sciatt, and so much more..  Apart from the gastronomic variety it offers, the area is also much-prized by skiers and walkers for its famous range of mountains, which is well known to alpine sports enthusiasts as the setting for many important international events.  Amongst the better known areas are the Val Malenco, Val Masino, and just across the Swiss border is the Val Poschiavo.


Milan and surroundings


Closer to home, there is plenty to discover too… the Goose Salami Festival at Mortara, the delights of Mezzago – the only place in Italy for pink-tipped asparagus.
Then there are the richer dishes to try, appropriately filling and warming for the inhabitants of the colder regions – Casoncelli, from Bergamo, ravioli filled with meat, amaretti, raisins, pear and lemon peel, polenta with gorgonzola or deliciously served with that classic Milanese dish, Cassoeula – more usually pork-based, although if using the earliest recipes, it can also be made with goose.


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